Shocking Engagement


Luke and I entered the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) with two packs, fishing poles and a canoe. I had been to the BWCA before and I knew this was going to be a challenging trip; physically and relationship wise. We canoed down a river for a few hours and decided on a campsite that we would call home for the next few days. We worked as a team to unpack, collect wood, filter water and set up our camp. As we finished a delicious dinner of hobos over the fire (recipe to come), we decided we wanted to play cribbage. Of course, neither of us wanted to get up and grab the cribbage board from the tent. After several “no, you go get its,” I finally (being the more mature one) gave in and went to the board. I unzipped the tent and there lay a beautiful rose gold, 2 carat morganite ring. Luke snuck up behind me, turned me around and asked

“will you marry me?”

I was in total shock for a couple reasons:

  1. Did he seriously bring this gorgeous ring to the BWCA? At any moment, our canoe could of tipped and it would have been at the bottom of a river.
  2. We had only been dating for six months.

Still in shock, Luke cleared his throat and asked again,

“hello, will you marry me?” “Of course,” I stuttered with bliss.

It was the perfect moment and we got to enjoy each others, and only each others (since we were in the middle of nowhere) company for the next few days.

Now…time to plan (posts to come). 🙂


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