Engaged Couples: 5 Tips for Engagement Photo Session Preparation

Engagement sessions should be about you as a couple. Your family and friends will see the images before your wedding and it will add to the anticipation of your big day. More importantly though, looking at the images years from now, will make you remember this blissful stage of your life.

Your engagement session should be fun, unique, and leave you feeling more in love than ever! Being engaged is such an incredible time of your lives and you should soak in every minute of it! The more thought that goes into the engagement photo session beforehand, the better the photos turn out. Below are tips to keep in mind when preparing for your engagement photo session:

  1. Location. Imagine looking back at these photos 50 years from now and remembering your special spot. Whether it is on your family farm, your favorite coffee shop or where you go on hikes together, picking out a unique spot to you, as a couple, will make the photo session that much more memorable. So take time to think about your engagement session location and explain the importance to your photographer.
  2. Time. My favorite time to shoot engagement sessions (and only time I schedule sessions for) is during “golden hour” – the two hour time frame before the sun sets or two hours after the sun rises. It is the time of day with THE BEST lighting. And if there is one thing to make or break your photos, it is lighting. Work with your photographer to schedule your session during this time so you look your best in soft, magical light.
  3. Clothing. Most photographers allow at least two outfits. I recommend one casual and one dressy. BUT you do not have to bring two (or more) outfits if it is too stressful or just not you. I recommend choosing colors that compliment your skin tone in more muted shades. In my experience, soft shades of blue, pink, and purple, mixed with light neutrals like ivory, gray and white, look best on camera. Try to avoid plaids, small patterns, writing and logos.
  4. Ring! Do not forgot about this pretty, little detail. Your ring will be center stage in many photos, so make sure it is cleaned and your nails are done. 🙂
  5. Relax + Laugh + Make Out. You do not need to be a model to look amazing in your engagement photos. Your photographer should direct you with poses and help you feel relaxed. I love capturing natural moments, so throughout the photo shoot, I love to tell a few jokes, instruct you to dance and of course…when in doubt – make out. 🙂 By the end of the session, it is always my goal to make you forget about the camera and just soak each other in.

I hope these tips were helpful! Below is some inspiration for your engagement shoot. Click here to learn more about my photography style + portfolio + contact information.










Want even more inspiration – click to view an Engagement Photo Pinterest Board I compiled.

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