Family Photography: The Top 5 Questions Moms Are Asking

The past seven months have been a wild ride with my photography business. I’ve met + reconnected with some wonderful mamas (+ their families). We’ve had great discussions + captured beautiful memories. I wanted to share some of the common questions I hear from moms before + during + after a family photo shoot.

  1. Where are we going to shoot?

If you have a location in mine, please don’t hesitate to share! The location of your family session is up to you. I want to tell YOUR family story. Is there a unique location, such as a family farm, a coffee shop or hiking area, special to your family? Take time to think about your family session location and make sure to explain the importance of it to me.

If you don’t have a specific location in mind, I will certainly brainstorm with you to determine the best backdrop for your family photo shoot. Outdoor, open-air environments are always my first choice. I love shooting in natural light, in wide-open natural spaces.

  1. What should we wear?

I hear this question before every photo shoot. I get it. I used to ask the same thing before I would step in front of the camera. Certain items translate better in photos. It’s my job to educate mamas on this. I recommend choosing colors complimenting your skin tone in more muted shades. In my experience, soft shades of blue, pink, and purple, mixed with light neutrals like ivory, gray and white, look best on camera. Try to avoid plaids, small patterns, writing and logos. To help my clients feel prepared, I send a detailed Family Style Guide outlining what looks great on camera for moms, dads, kiddos, etc.

  1. Will you capture (insert certain pose) photo? Or this combination?

Of course! I send a questionnaire prior to each family photo session to get a better understand of my client’s needs. In this questionnaire, I ask if you have any “must-have” photos. Most clients don’t have anything specific, but some have a couple combinations they want me to capture. It helps to understand these requests prior to your family sessions so I can incorporate ideas with my photography style and flow.

Side note: If you love Pinterest, I encourage you to look at my Pinterest boards for inspiration.

  1. Will we have time for a break with the kiddos?

Yes! My clients know I am a natural light photographer so we schedule our session a couple hours before sunset. I make sure to schedule enough time if the kids need a treat or just time to chill. Honestly, these “breaks” is when I capture some of my favorite photos.

  1. Where should I print photos?

Important question! My clients have all the rights to their photos. You do not have order prints through myself or the online gallery. I recommend using a professional printing services to ensure photos and cards accurately display the coloring and quality with which they were created, such as Mpix. Many non-professional printing vendors (i.e. Target, Walgreens) do not read the color data embedded in the images, which may result in blurry, grainy photos.

Proper communication with my mamas before + during + after a family photo shoot, elevates the entire experience. Looking to book a family photography session? Let’s get coffee (or wine)! My photography session booking process starts with you filling out this form. As soon as I receive your form, I will contact you to plan a time to meet where I’ll learn more about your specific needs + explain my photography. OR all of our communication can digital via email. Whatever works best for you!

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