Amanda Lauren Freund

Photographer + Marketing Professional + Traveler + Coffee Lover

About Amanda

I’m a small town + simple living Minnesota girl who is always planning for my next adventure around the world.

Most days you can find me walking in our woods + tending to my garden + working in my home office + sippin on a latte (preferably with frothy whole milk + local raw honey + cinnamon) or $3 Trader Joe’s red blend.

I’m energized by nature + traveling + positive vibes.

I’m a wife to a swipe-right on Tinder + nature enthusiast + fur mama + plant lady + homebody traveler and I drink coffee like a Gilmore Girl.

I have worked in the  professional marketing industry since 2011. Getting up every day + doing what I love makes me come alive. I hope you will find my enthusiasm + drive infectious. 

Want to know even more?

Here are some of my favorite things…

Top 5 Places I’ve Traveled

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
Redwoods National Park
Zion National Park

Top 5 Favorite Liquids

Coffee + Coffee + More Coffee
Merlot or Red Blend (from Trader Joe’s)
Tea (Hibiscus or Chamomile)
Lemon + Ginger Water
Kombucha (at least some of them)

Top 5 Favs to Grow in our Garden

Bell Peppers