Colorado lake

Beautiful Times in Colorado

Colorado Trip

My trip to Colorado was unreal. Some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen + beautiful company with my friend Karine. We barely planned anything and ended up doing so much!

Here are a few of my favorites memories:

  • The Royal Gorge at sunset. We booked a trip to zip line at the Royal Gorge. Neither of us had been to the Gorge before so we thought “what better way to see it!” We arrived at Royal Gorge Zip Line and didn’t see the Gorge, but we knew we were close to it. We starting zipping and figured we will eventually get there by zips. After about six zip lines we asked our instructor, “when do we get to the Gorge?” She responds with “Ummm we don’t actually zip the Gorge. It’s about three miles that way.” Okay. Needless to say, people in our zip group were not happy. “Royal Gorge” Zip Line. They may need to rethink their name. 🙂 After we finished zipping, we got in our car and booked it to the Gorge. It was beautiful!
  • Swimming in a Colorado river next to fly fishers. This was one of those trips that we didn’t plan out every hour. We wanted to relax and see where life took us. One day we were driving in the mountains and came across this amazing river. We immediately had to find the best way to get in that water! We parked and found a nice, smooth rock area and set up shop. Had a couple beers. Swam a bit. And talked with a lovely fly fisherwoman.
  • Two amazing Red Rocks concerts. Yes…two concerts in one trip. It was amazing! The most beautiful venue I have ever been to. If it’s not on your bucket list, it needs to be.
  • Driving in the Mountains. Like I said, we did not plan too many activities on this trip and that is what made it magical. We drove around in the mountains, blasting music and stopping whenever we saw something cool. It was so great to just relax on the open road and connect with my beautiful friend, Karine.

I would highly recommend a visit to Colorado to explore the mountains + chill with beautiful humans.