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Marketing is a extensive field as it encompasses communications, print, web, social media, design, development and much more. I believe digital marketing strategies are more important in the current business environment. This is not to say traditional techniques are not worthwhile – I believe there should be a marriage between the two (traditional + digital), but I see a lot of businesses ONLY conducting traditional techniques such as networking, events, etc. I am here to help you with the counterpart – digital marketing.

I am not a full-service marketing agency. I focus on digital marketing services because I’ve seen them move the needle for so many businesses over the past 10 years I’ve been in the profession. Digital marketing takes time + knowledge + experience + strategy. It’s mind-boggling to think of how much expertise is needed to run a Facebook ad campaign, build a website or grow an email list.

I understand you’ve built a successful business and I want to work with you to make it even more successful. Getting up every day + doing what I love makes me come alive. I want to help save you time + take marketing off your to-do list.

Digital marketing services for your business so you can build a reputable online presence.

Website Creation

Generally, new business prospects will visit a website at least once during the buying process. An effective website is a hub of consistent content, a solid understanding of SEO beautiful design and lead generating.

Content Marketing

Free educational content is the new currency of the marketplace. Content marketing is a digital strategy to help demonstrate expertise, engage markets, build trust + turn content into profits.

Social Media

Deepen relationships with clients/referral sources, become a thought leader, add a touchpoint to prospect funnel + move the needle with conversion with strategic social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective strategy for strengthening relationships + driving sales from existing customers + converting leads into paying customers. Strategy + Quality Content = Engaged Audience.

Brand Photography

Using custom + professional photography to convey your message is an effective way to optimize your digital marketing strategy. It is your first impression online. Use for your social media + website + much more!

Digital Strategy

Behind every business growth success story is a thoughtful strategy. I build digital strategies around what I’ve seen work for small businesses over the past 10 years of being in the industry.

“Amanda is so knowledgeable + fun! I felt comfortable around her + was able to enjoy an experience that may have otherwise been stressful. Her energy is magnetic! 


Let’s create something together.