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Minnesota Coffee Shop Roundup

Minnesota Coffee Shop Roundup

My favorite coffee shops not only have amazing lattes, they have a certain vibe. Inviting + simple + bright + comfy. Here’s a list of my Top 5 Minnesota Coffee Shops + my favorite things about each of them…

Fiddlehead Coffee Company

Fiddlehead Coffee
  • My local favorite (Rochester, Minn.).
  • The best oat milk latte!
  • A beautiful space to hang out or work.
  • They have variety of good treats!

Cafe Steam

  • Another local treat in Rochester.
  • The best flat white I’ve ever had!
  • A wide variety of liquids on the menu including local kombucha.
  • They care about keeping it local and support community farmers when they can.

Mandy’s Coffee + Cafe

Mandy's Coffee
  • Love the vibe – a lot of regulars.
  • A lot of food options – salads + sandwiches + pastries.
  • A fun location in downtown Red Wing, Minn.
  • My favorite is their iced vanilla latte.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co.

  • A fun energy!
  • Instagram worthy space. πŸ™‚
  • An A+ almond milk latte.

Botany Coffee

Botany coffee
  • My favorite shop aesthetically – bright + white + natural.
  • Quiet – folks going in-and-out, but few people staying to work. It’s nice.
  • A good basic blend – smooth + balanced.

I love visiting coffee shops wherever I go. My go-to order is a miel – espresso + frothy milk + honey + cinnamon. Want to know more of my favorite shops – let me know!