Wedding Venue – CHECK!

  Weddings In Echo Valley Clear Lake, WI Top 10 Thing We Love About Our Venue: 1. The Owners – Emily & Dustin 2. Woodfired Pizza Restaurant 3. Microbrewery 4. Open Air Pavilion 5. Handmade Wood Tables and Bar 6. 13-acre Pond 7. Surrounding Nature 8. Mismatched Tables and Chairs 9. Refurbished Restrooms 10. TheyContinue reading “Wedding Venue – CHECK!”

Wedding Planning: 1st Things I Booked…

1. Venue, Venue, Venue!  I did about 40 hours of research online on different venues in our area (a radius of four hours from our home). I made a spreadsheet of what each venue offered; on-site catering, BYOB, wedding coordinator, etc. The most important elements for us were to be able to come in onContinue reading “Wedding Planning: 1st Things I Booked…”