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I'm Amanda, a creative marketing expert who loves to help businesses grow. I am a writer, coffee lover, photographer, adventure seeker, digital marketer, storyteller, and organizational freak. Welcome to my corner of the internet where I share my marketing knowledge, photographs, behind the scenes, travels, and favorite coffee drinks.

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  • 11 years of market exp.
  • 2 ennea-gram type
  • 7 years taking photos
  • 50 % made of coffee

About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda Lauren Freund!

I'm a digital marketing expert, detail-loving writer, data-obsessed strategist, and savvy social media professional.

People often refer to me as a go-getter, coffee connoisseur, photographer, plant lover, and outdoor dweller.

I get a lot of questions from business owners about what digital platforms work best, how to build an email list, how to use social media effectively, and many more. And that’s why I created my business: to answer all those questions and help owners grow their business strategically.

I want to help you work smarter, not harder, and create solution-based strategies that help move the needle.

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