Engaged Couples: 5 Tips for Engagement Photo Session Preparation

Engagement sessions should be about you as a couple. Your family and friends will see the images before your wedding and it will add to the anticipation of your big day. More importantly though, looking at the images years from now, will make you remember this blissful stage of your life. Your engagement session should…

4 Steps to Building Your Brand

Branding is much more than your logo and tagline. These items help communicate and clarify your brand, but they are not your brand. A brand is what people think about you – your reputation. It’s the story you tell about yourself. Building a brand is a process. It will eventually lead you to your ideal…

Kiki + Kevin 4ever!

Kristin (Kiki) has been a wonderful friend since we first met at Debbie’s (her mom) Daycare when I was 5 years old. She has been a part of our family ever since. I was honored when she asked me to be a part of the best day of her life! Taking photos was a part…

Gates Family of 4!

These guys were troopers! It was a hot Minnesota day (I’m talking 92 degrees + humidity) and they still had smiles on their faces. Enjoy! 🙂        

Collins Turns One!

This cutie pie turned one years old! We wanted to get a fun shot with a #1 balloon. It was a windy day and before we knew it, the balloon was floating away! Mama Courtney was such a sport and tried to catch it, but off it flew. All we could do is laugh and be…

Coffee + Kiddos

S’more muffins for the kiddos. Coffee for the adults. Makes for a pretty great photo shoot! 🙂  

Newborn Nugget

It was a joy to witness one of my lifelong friends be such a beautiful mama + I got to capture it! What I loved most about this shoot was how natural it flowed. Some of my favorite shots are when we didn’t try to do anything fancy + styled, but just sat, talked + snapped some candid photographs. Enjoy. 🙂

Small Town Engagement Shoot

These cutie pies were so much fun to shoot! I just instructed them to dance + make out + tell jokes. Made for some great photos! And we obviously finished off the day with some beers…


I’m always planning for my next adventure around the world. Below are photos of some of my adventures. Colorado California Arizona Hawaii Around Minnesota Many more + more to come! My Upcoming Journeys Boundary Waters Canoe Area San Francisco The Redwoods Oregon

Southern California Girls Trip

I’m always up for a good girls trip. And I’m always up for a good road trip. This trip had both! We kicked off the trip with a night in Vegas. Why not? Then rented a car and hopped on the road to Joshua Tree National Park. This place is a bucket-list must! Joshua Tree…

Fall Wisconsin Engagement

My sister recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Jon! We had a great day at Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin snapping memories + hiking + spending time with family.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

It’s crazy to me that a place like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) still exists in our busy world. And how lucky are we that it’s in Minnesota’s backyard? My husband + I love exploring the BWCA. Here’s a few of my favorite things: Every morning we make coffee + RumChata over the fire +…