Hi friends! I’m Amanda Lauren Freund.

I’m a natural light photographer + writer + social media professional.

I’m energized by nature + coffee (merlot) + positive vibes.


“Our engagement session with Amanda was perfect.
   She was laid back + made us feel comfortable being ourselves in front of the camera + she knew the perfect moments
 to tell a joke or make us laugh to capture some of our favorite moments in photos.
   We are SO HAPPY we worked with Amanda because we feel like 
our engagement photos truly express how genuinely happy we are together.”

Charis + Kyle
Engagement Photography Clients


"Amanda was the right pick for me + Collins because she made us feel comfortable.
There was no pressure to pose or do a certain "something." 
She was easy-going, flexible (which with little ones is how you have to roll), and she was FUN!!" 

Courtney + Collins
Mama + Little Photography Clients

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About Amanda


Amanda Lauren Freund

I’m a small town + simple living girl who is always planning for my next adventure around the world.

I’m fueled by mass amounts of coffee (preferably with a little almond milk + honey + cinnamon).

My photography style?

It’s simple + natural. I hate awkward posing. I like to keep it light and focus on capturing casual moments – just as simple + natural as they come. I like to have fun! My clients aren’t afraid to start a tickle fight or toss their kiddos in the air. Not everyone has to be looking at the camera to have a good shot. My favorite shots are when everyone is engaged with each other. Click here to see my photography work.

Here are some of my Top 5 Favorites…

Top 5 Places I’ve Traveled
Boundary Waters
Joshua Tree National Park
Zion National Park
Europe...England or Germany
Top 5 Favorite Liquids
Merlot (from Trader Joe's)
Tea (Chamomile)
Whiskey water + lemon
Top 5 Favs to Grow in our Garden
All things herbs
Bell peppers
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Let’s get coffee!

Let’s get coffee!

My booking process starts with you filling out the contact form below.  As soon as I receive your form, I will contact you to plan a time to meet where I’ll explain my photography and/or social media process + learn more about your specific needs.

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Please let me know your answers to the questions below + I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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